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Connect QML signal of arbitrary placed .qml-file to Qt slot

The good practice is making your qml file part of the app executable by putting into .qrc resource file with Qt creator or by hand:

And the you can make use of it with something like:


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Not able to connect a c++ signal to a slot in QML
and in my FooTabView.qml i have the below code import xxx 1.0 ..... ..... Foo.onFooAdded: { ..... } This part looks like the using of attached signal, not like object's signal. Try to setup connection via such call: fooInstance.fooAdded.connect(someJsFunction)

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Ignoring signal handlers after sending USR2 signal
You didn't initialize the sa_mask and you didn't tell us how the sig_11 variable is created nor what is done in the handler, but I suspect that a bad value is set in sa_mask, so at least during the handler run some signals may be blocked. Normally at the end of the handler things will get back to normal. At least SIGKILL could be used as it cannot be blocked or caught.

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How do I cut my EMG signal and get an average signal?
It's probably because numel(sig)/nwaves isn't an integer. You need to round it to the nearest integer with round(numel(sig)/nwaves). EDIT based on comments: Your problem is you can't divide 51116 by 38 (it's 1345.2), so you can't reshape your signal in chunks of 38 long. You need a signal whose length is exactly a multiple of 38 if you want to be able to reshape it in chunks of 38. Either that,

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Accessing an arbitrary action in rails
Make a route for it, obviously. The request goes this way: first it hits a route from there it hits a controllers' action [an action may invoke a model] (optional, but common) controller specified a view and fetches data to render view is sent back in response to a request resource and resources might not be obvious about what they do. But in fact, they are shorthands to corresponding collecti

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Your approach is wrong. What you try to do is basically call the virtual method but without going through the interceptor again. Since the interceptor itself has registered stubs inside the VMT calling the method through invoke will hit the interceptor stub again causing a recursion. I have done this in the past in the Spring4D interception by doing the invoking on a lower level using the Rtti.In

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