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Newtonsoft JSON.Net telling me JSON is invalid. JSONLint says it's ok

The problem is your JSON string, while valid, does not represent a JSON object, it represents a JSON array. So, to parse it you need to use either JArray.Parse() or JToken.Parse().

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Is .xz file format description telling it all?
I asked the question a bit hastily and came up with a solution myself. Just in case someone would be interested, I answer my own question. I had misunderstood the meaning of the stream flags in stream header. They don't affect the CRC code in the header (which is always CRC32), just CRCs in the stream itself (as the name stream flags implies). This means that the CRC in the header is only four by

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Telling Mongoose which database to use - in a node.js Express application
The below method opens a connection to the system_db and is binded to the mongoose object,.i.e the current mongoose object is modified. The return type is not a Connection. system_db = mongoose.connect(connection_uri.concat("sparks")... Now when you again do: user_db = mongoose.createConnection(connection_uri.concat(user_id)); This creates a new Connection to the user database and returns a

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Newtonsoft cannnot deserialize an empty F# sequence?
I guess the answer is, Newtonsoft.Json doesn't fully support F# types. But F# doesn't make supporting them particularly easy. For instance, an empty seq defined with Seq.empty is not just an IEnumerable<T>, it's a particular enumerable implementation EmptyEnumerable<T>, and this seems to throw off serialization - most likely because there's no appropriate constructor on it. From the

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MissingMethodException with Newtonsoft.Json when using TypeNameAssemblyFormat with PCLs
Although there isn't enough information in the question to confirm the root cause with 100% confidence.. Personally, after some experimentation I am positive that the only plausible explanation is as follows - In short - In the test which fails, the correct (portable) version of Newtonsoft.Json.dll is not getting loaded. In long - There are two tests being performed. Passes - I presume an exe,

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Newtonsoft.Json DeserializeObject passing null for guid 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
If I understood correctly you have a problem initializing the Guid on deserialization and you don't want to create a setter or use attributes for successful deserialization. Please note that I changed your MyIdentity class by removing the constructor that accepted Guid parameter since it's not necessary, changed the parsing of Guid logic since it would have never initialize the convertableAsGuid p

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Newtonsoft JSON.Net telling me JSON is invalid. JSONLint says it's ok
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