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Showing the status of a process in Coldfusion using JQuery

I can't really tell if you're trying to crowdsource the writing of your site, but err well... I'd probably have it so that, every x iterations, it called a function that would write the percentage complete to a key store value, you would then use jQuery to AJAX a request to a function that got the result from that keystore for output.

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Nodejs forked child process exits immediately with status code 8
SOLUTION : Incase someone else gets this issue. I managed to get around by having silent set to true. var testBot = childProcess.fork(require.resolve("./../../bots/testBot"),[],{silent:true});

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Process jQuery/Sizzle queries on string?
I can see two ways of doing this. You either use the good old .replace() or you wrap it in a jQuery object and use the DOM manipulation methods. Use string replace var html = '<span title="15 gold badges">' + '<div data-role="placeholder" />' + '</span><span title="25 starts">' + '<div data-role="placeholder" id="test">' + '</div></span>'; $(

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Json jquery and php doesn't process value's correct
You are using alert in two different ways... One time as an object, one time as a function. The latter is probably what causes the undesired effect. Look closely at the brackets after alert; alert() is a function alert. signafies it's an object

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Multiple Jquery Countdown showing NaN
well, i changed my javascript into this : $(function(){ $('.countdown').each(function() { var $this = $(this), ts = new Date($('.note').data('ts')), newYear = true; if((new Date()) > ts){ newYear = false; } $this.countdown({ timestamp : ts, callback : function(days, hours, minutes, seconds){

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jquery autocomplete not showing dropdown
after some more testing, and some console outputs in the search and response events, i have come to the conclusion that my code must be causing the autocomplete field to clash with itself. this code : $(".autocomplete_field").keyup(function(){ if ($(this).val() == '*') { $(this).autocomplete('search', "___"); console.log(".autocomplete_field search fired");

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