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Angularfire add class if loggedIn

Answering my own question, here: Turns out, the yo angularfire generator creates a simpleLogin.js file that handles the login and logout functions. I just added a little DOM manipulation to the functions and this yields the desired result of toggling the class on the body element.

login: function(provider, opts) {
          return auth.$login(provider, opts);

        logout: function() {

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There a couple of things tripping you up. Differences between $firebaseand $firebaseAuth AngularFire 0.9 is made up of two primary bindings: $firebaseAuth and $firebase. The $firebaseAuth binding is for all things authentication. The $firebase binding is for synchronizing your data from Firebase as either an object or an array. Inside of UpdateFirebaseWithString you are calling $asArray() on $f

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The problem you are running into is that the AngularFire API is slightly different than the regular Firebase API for the authentication methods. While the Firebase SDK takes a callback as the second argument for authWithPassword(), the AngularFire API returns a promise for $authWithPassword(). The reason for the difference is that promises are a very common idiom in Angular and we wanted to provid

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ng-repeat stuck in infinite loop angularfire 8.2
It is indefinite because you keep pushing to $scope.teamUser in your $scope.getMember function. If you simply want to display name, why not try $scope.getMember = (memberId) -> memberobj = fbutil.syncObject('users/' + memberId) memberobj.$loaded().then (ref) -> return

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Your DownloadHandler class has a static void main method, which is the single point of entry when executing command-line programs. That method is not a constructor. What it does is initialize a new instance of DownloadHandler and invoking an instance method on that object by passing the given String argument. Not sure what's the usage there. In order for your initialization to compile, you

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If you want to call an instance method of the second class, you have to create an object of the second class and call the method through it. ( "Second" is the class name) Second mySecond = new Second(); mySecond.myMethod(); If you want to call a static method of the second class, you can call it by mentioning the second class in following way Second.myMethod();

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