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Associating current_user id to imported contacts list

Okey, based on your given information you can do the following to add the current_user_id to your contact.

In your ContactImportController


  def create
    @contact_import =
    @contact_import.user_id =
      redirect_to contacts_path, notice: "Imported
contacts successfully."
      render :new


  def contact_params


In your contact_import.rb file

 def load_imported_contacts
   spreadsheet = open_spreadsheet
   header = spreadsheet.row(1)
  (2..spreadsheet.last_row).map do |i|
  row = Hash[[header,
  contact = Contact.find_by_id(row["id"]) ||
  contact.attributes =
row.to_hash.slice('first_name', 'last_name',
'mobile', 'email', 'info')
  contact.user_id = self.user_id # this should


As you didn't mention where the Contact#load_imported_contacts either called in any before_save or before validation callback or not. But the way I mentioned the the should be initialized to that contact model while persisting the data to user_id field. I hope this should be enough to solve your problem.


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