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doctrine2 multi queries VS joins

May I ask, if you are using a stored procedure? I have added a link with some advantages of using a stored procedure . Can you give some examples of your parameters for different users?


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Doctrine2 Many To Many Polymorphic Relations
You could solve this with OOP, using inheritance. Define an abstract class Taggable, and make Post and Video extend that class. Then create a OneToMany from Tag to Taggable. Doctrine will take care of everithing, supposed that you choose between Single Table Inheritance or Class Table Inheritance. I would choose Class Table, though. More on this subject here.

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How to implement two tables intersection on Doctrine2 Symfony2
First off the template is using a variable which hasn't been defined (entities): return $this->render( 'ACMEAppBundle:Default:index.html.twig', array( 'entities' => $clientsWithTotals ) ); Implementing the Repository: class ClientRepository extends EntityRepository { public function getClientsWithTotals() { $this ->createQueryBuilder('cl

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Symfony2/Doctrine2 - Escaping special char in password
Strings containing non-alphanumeric characters can be escaped using single or double quotes: parameters: database_password: "my:pass@word!" If you want to use a string that starts with "@" you must escape it prepending another "@", as stated in The Book - Service Container. So, if your password is "@mypassword": parameters: password1: "@mypassword" # Will not work password2: "@@m

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It's possible to persist entities stored on session in Symfony2+Doctrine2?
Try to add cascade={"persist"} to both sides of your ManyToOne (in ProductoSolicitud and DistribuidorProductoSolicitud). If this ManyToOne is unidirectional, try to change it to a OneToMany bidirectional with cascade persist on both sides. In class ProductoSolicitud: /** * @OneToMany(targetEntity="AppBundleEntityDistribuidorProductoSolicitud", mappedBy="producto_solicitud", cascade={"persist"}

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Magento Single Site Multi Store Multi Store View
I believe what you want is one website, two stores and three views. The Canadian store would have two views for EN and FR. The US store would have one view for EN. This would support the payment method differentiation. When configuring products (pricing) you can specify the store. This should also support your pricing differences for the two stores. I don't have experience with multiple languages

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