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Asynchronous call from QML to Python with callback

There is no indication from the documentation that QJSValue is thread safe. This page indicates the classes that are re-entrant or thread safe are marked as such in the documentation. However, there is no mention of the word thread on the page for QJSValue.

As such, I would suggest you make sure that your callback is only called from the main thread. Obviously, you are still going to want to put your long running task in a thread, so I would suggest using something like QCoreApplication.postEvent() to send an event from your Python thread to the main thread, which will then call your callback function.

Note: I've wrapped calls to QCoreApplication.postEvent for PyQt4 here. If you need help understanding how to use the QCoreApplication.postEvent method, you can probably adapt it to work with PyQt5 as well.

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Sure it will as long as you use next() properly Example: router.use('/', function(req, res, next) { somethingAsync(function(err, result) { if(err) return next(err); // Do whatever return next(); }); }); The router stack is called in the order routes are added to it. Calling next() calls the next route in the stack matching the provided path. Calling next(someError) calls the

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The third argument to open is whether the XHR object should work asynchronously (true) or synchronously (false). The latter has the negative effect of locking up the UI of the browser while the request is being handled, so is best avoided whenever possible (and it's essentially always possible).

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