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How can deploy signed APK when click Run in Android Studio?

Usually I do it from command line, installing via "adb install -r file.apk" (-r to preserve app's data)

Also it can be done via Gradle and project settings, see answers here: Android Studio - Run signed apk on emulator

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How do I deploy a Visual Studio addin with an installer like MSI?
Here is a MSDN link on how to register an addin. It is easy to create an MSI from this. There are also several tools that have support for deploying an addin

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Google cloud click to deploy hadoop
The three big uses of persistent disks (PDs) are: Logs, both daemon and job (or container in YARN) These can get quite large with debug logging turned on and can result in many writes per second MapReduce shuffle These can be large, but benefit more from higher IOPS and throughput HDFS (image and data) Due to the layout of directories, persistent disks will also be used for other items lik

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Importing Android Projects into Android Studio - Gradle Project Sync Failed
Ok. So. Although it seems extremely likely that it is memory related as that is what the error indicates, it was apparently more simple to fix than that. Follow these steps and see if it helps you: 1) Go to and download the newest version (Binaries only) 2) Navigate in explorer to the folder: C:Usersusername .gradlewrapperdists and extract the contents into thi

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Android Lint only want to check my project, not library projects in Android Studio
After searching for some time, I found the answer in the official lint documentation on Module and file-specific preferences Run the lint tool on your module by right-clicking on your module folder or file in the Project View and selecting Analyze > Inspect Code. This displays the lint inspection resul

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Why would Android Studio 1.0 rc start downloading Android SDK without detecting if there existing one?
Looks like that is in the known issues list: A bug in Android Studio 1.0 RC1 causes the Setup Wizard to show up and ask you to install an SDK on each startup. To work around this, you can edit the file in the bin folder such that it has the below line as well: PLEASE NOTE: This will break patch updating

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