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Can't understand this Ruby Hashes num Code

1) what does '|num| output' mean?

this doesn't mean anything. ON the first line you declare that output is a string. the << operator append the value to a string. IN your case " RUBY#{num}" Is appendeds to the string. at the end you return the string by calling output which returns the value of the string.

2) why does the countdown number appear in the #{|num|}!?

You interpolated the value. Essentially you num represents a variable. Each time the loop runs the variable changes and the "#{}" syntax says to use the variable value.

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This is an incomplete solution based on comments so far. Hopefully it'll illustrate why Borodin and I are requesting what you're actually trying to get out of your parse. use strict; use warnings; use XML::Twig; my $twig = XML::Twig->new()->parse( *DATA ); foreach my $thing ( $twig->root->children() ) { print $thing ->tag, " "; foreach my $att ( keys %{ $thing->atts()

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This effectively initializes all elements of an array to 0. You give the first element explicitly (0), and all that you omit are default-initialized value-initialized, which is also 0 for your type. The comma after the 0 is optional.

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Issue #1: You forgot exit at the end of main and ret at the end of ValidatePIN Issue #2: Irvine32.lib has a CRLF-function. Insert call CrLf, where you wish to have a new line. Issue #3: Typically a function returns a result in EAX. This value in EAX can be evaluated by the caller. In assembly you are free to return return other values in other registers. With Irvine32.lib you can print the value

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