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Argument issue when using shell ()

You hace a folder in the command with a space in it (probably the documents and Settings folder). cmd.exe has no way of telling whether the space is in the file name or the end of the file name, unless you put the file name in "" - like "C:doxuments and Settings..."

Dim command As String = tempPath &
"app.exe -f "" & IO.Path.GetTempPath & "" 
-o "" & save & ""  & pause"

(" is intended to escape a " so that it translates to embedding a " in the string. I'm not sure what the VB syntax is.)


I think @Roy van der Velde below has the 'escaping correct. The final part not checked is tempPath. See my comment on the question.

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One way to interact between shell and bc : $ echo "$RANDOM % 5" | bc will print a random number in the range 0 to 4 $RANDOM is a pseudo random integer usable directly in your shell. Note that double quotes are mandatory to use shell variables. With single quotes, the variables will be never evaluated. After, you can do arithmetic if you need with bash and (( )) arithmetic operator : value=$

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