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Perl OO - Creating a list of objects

You have two main problems

  • Your initialisation of $self

    $self = {
        _id => $id,
        _title => (),
        _words => ()

    is very wrong, because the empty parentheses () add nothing to the structure. If I dump $self after this I get

    { _id => 1, _title => "_words" }

    You are also blessing $self twice, but there is no problem with that: it is more of an indication that you don't understand what you're doing.

  • There is no need to initialise a hash element for the first occurrence of a word: Perl will do that for you. In addition you should be initialising the count to 1 and not to 0.

Here's an example of your code working as it should. I have used Data::Dump to display the contents of the three document objects.

use strict;
use warnings;

package Document;

sub new {
    my ($class, $id) = @_;

    my $self = {
        _id => $id,
        _words => {},

    bless $self, $class;

sub pushWord {
    my ($self, $word) = @_;


package main;

use Data::Dump;

my $doc1 = Document->new(1);
my $doc2 = Document->new(2);
my $doc3 = Document->new(3);

$doc1->pushWord($_) for qw/ a b c /;
$doc2->pushWord($_) for qw/ d e f /;
$doc3->pushWord($_) for qw/ g h i /;

use Data::Dump;

dd $doc1;
dd $doc2;
dd $doc3;


bless({ _id => 1, _words => { a
=> 1, b => 1, c => 1 } }, "Document")
bless({ _id => 2, _words => { d => 1, e
=> 1, f => 1 } }, "Document")
bless({ _id => 3, _words => { g => 2, h
=> 2, i => 2 } }, "Document")

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