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Implementation PubNub for VB.Net

PubNub VB.Net Quick Start

You might consider using PubNub Simple HTTP REST API and here are a few links for using Visual Basic .NET with PubNub. Since we don't have an official VB.NET API you can find really easy to use options.

Publishing via HTTP Example

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C: Can i know the restore option in pubnub subscribe using C SDK
Setting resume_on_reconnect to false on the C side should prevent this behavior. If that doesn't work for you, and you're still having issues with this, shoot us an email at and we're take care of you from there! geremy

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What's a more efficient implementation of this puzzle?
You don't have to try all numbers. You can instead use a different strategy, summed up as "try appending a digit". Which digit? Well, a digit such that it forms a prime together with your current last digit the prime formed has not occurred in the number before This should be done recursively (not iteratively), because you may run out of options and then you'd have to backtrack and try a diff

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Getting a specific implementation from Felix
Your question is confusing since you mix terms for services and bundles. A bundle is an installable unit which contains code. That code can register and consume services. Services are object which, typically, implement some interface which is shared between the bundle providing the service and the bundles consuming the services. So the first order of business is to make sure the service interface

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Hibernate Implementation with JPA2.0
The EntityManager is an interface and each JPA provider offers an implementation for it. The Hibernate EntityManager implementation simply delegates all calls to the current running Session. The CRUD operations are backed by EntityManager methods: persist merge remove createQuery

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Socket time out implementation
For 100 ms timeout you need to do the following before you go into blocking read, if you are using UDP for DNS in the client: struct timeval timeout; timeout.tv_sec = 0; timeout.tv_usec = 100000; if (setsockopt(receive_socket, SOL_SOCKET, SO_RCVTIMEO, &timeout, sizeof(tv)) < 0) { perror("Error"); }

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