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Spark RDDs with shared pointers within each partition (and the magic number 200??)

For anybody stumbling upon this in the future, I eventually came up with a super hacky solution (though I'd still be happy to hear a better one). Instead of using rdd.cache(), I define:

def cached[T: ClassTag](rdd:RDD[T]) = {
    rdd.mapPartitions(p => 
    ).cache().mapPartitions(p =>

so that cached(rdd) returns an RDD that is generated from a 'cached' List

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There is no standard way to do it. Some compilers have functions, to return the size of the allocated block, e.g. _msize in Visual Studio. If you divide that by the size of your pointers, you will get the number of elements in your "array". But apart from being non-Standard, this only works, if the "array" has been allocated dynamically and the caller intends to use the whole block for the array

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Spark Cassandra connector - Range query on partition key
i think the CassandraRDD error is telling that the query that you are trying to do is not allowed in Cassandra and you have to load all the table in a CassandraRDD and then make a spark filter operation over this CassandraRDD. So your code (in scala) should something like this: val cassRDD= sc.cassandraTable("keyspace name", "table name").filter(row=> row.getDate("timestamp")>=DateFormat('

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Why is the second one not a shared pointer ? Will that not increment a reference count I believe the quote refers to the original poster's code, which claims to create a smart pointer but in fact does not do that. ptr_res2 is just a regular pointer. cout << "Create smart_ptr using new..." << endl; auto ptr_res2(new Object("new")); cout << "Create smart_ptr using new: done."

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Use Dense_Rank() Ranking Function SELECT Dense_rank()OVER (partition BY name ORDER BY cdt) Rn, rvdt, cdt, name, template FROM #temp OUTPUT : Rn rvdt cdt name template -- ----------------------- ----------------------- ---- ---------- 1 2014-11-11 22:56:27.000 2014-10-11 23:56:27.000 Joe Tempalte 1 1 2014-11-1

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Spark Error: Not enough space to cache partition rdd_8_2 in memory! Free memory is 58905314 bytes
Currently you are running with the default memory options, like indicated in the logs: 14/11/22 17:07:24 INFO MemoryStore: MemoryStore started with capacity 265.1 MB If you are running locally, you need to set the option --driver-memory 4G instead.

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