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extract gene-id + function annotation from .gff

You can use use Bio::FeatureIO for that. Below an example for your data:

use strict;
use warnings;
use Bio::FeatureIO;

# read infile "my.gff"
my $in  = Bio::FeatureIO->new(-file =>
"my.gff" , -format => 'GFF');

# write to outfile "out.txt"
open(my $fh, '>', 'out.txt') or die $!;
print $fh "Gene-ID	functionannotation

while ( my $feature = $in->next_feature() ) {
        my ($func) =
        print $fh $feature->seq_id . "	" .
$func->value . "
" if $func;

File out.txt:

Gene-ID functionannotation
Niben044Scf00000988 MYB transcription factor
[Solanum lycopersicum]

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extract gene-id + function annotation from .gff
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