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Scala build process

IntelliJ has build in support for sbt projects. My work flow is the following :

Create a project (in the shell) using sbt. Basically you have to create a build.sbt and the necessary directory structure


The in IntelliJ just do Open -> select build.sbt.

Also check auto-import checkbox.

Everything should work after this.

NOTE: You may have to install the Scala and sbt plugin for the above to work.

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sbt build failed - module not found: org.scala-sbt#sbt;0.13.5
Did you try to remove the ~/.sbt/repositories file? The defaults should be enough. If this still not work, try to update your sbt launcher to the last version. Also a good practice is to have a file in the my_project/project directory with that line inside: sbt.version=0.13.6 This will enforce the sbt version for the project, instead of using the version of the launcher.

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I use Grunt for this. Grunt is a tool to automate frontend minification, compilation, unit testing, etc. URL: In Grunt, you create a Gruntfile and register a task that consists of one or more reusable configs. A config does something like: "minify all files in this directory and output to that file". So what you would do is register two tasks: one for dev and

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There is no easy way to do this. Volumes are only created at run time. You can grab it out of the docker filesystem, (e.g. mine is /var/lib/docker/devicemapper/mnt/CONTAINER_ID/rootfs/PATH_TO_FILE) though there is no good way to figure out when your test process is complete. You could create a file when it's finished and do an inotify, but this is ugly.

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