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How can I use pageobject navigation routes when I have multiple methods with parameters?

Here's an example from PageObject::PageFactory where Cheezy passes an argument to a method as part of his routes definition:

PageObject::PageFactory.routes = {
  :default => [[PageOne,:method1],
[PageTwoA,:method2], [PageThree,:method3]],
  :another_route => [[PageOne,:method1,
"arg1"], [PageTwoB,:method2b],

The problem is, of course, that you don't have that argument at the time these routes are defined. You need to load them dynamically. Something like this might work, but I haven't tested it:

When /^I click on "([^"]*)" and select
"([^"]*)" link$/ do |user, repo|
  PageObject::PageFactory.routes[:default].map do
    route << user if route[1] == :click_on
    route << repo if route[1] ==

But if you're going to go to all that trouble, you're better off passing a block to PageObject::PageFactory#on:

When /^I click on "([^"]*)" and select
"([^"]*)" link$/ do |user, repo|
  on GithubPage do |page|
    page.click_on user
    page.select_repo repo

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