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Options disappeared from the project's application properties on Visual Studio

Chek Application.myapp file within "My Project" folder of your application. Usually it is caused by invalid xml tags.

Often git merge conflict causes this file to be invalid. Just open and resolve the conflict and restart the visual studio.

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1MB application using Visual Studio
You need the .Net Framework for c#. No way around it. Most newer versions of Windows come with a version of the .Net Framework so depending on which version you target and which Windows versions you support, you may not need to distribute .Net. Here's a post showing which versions of the framework come on which versions of Windows.

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How can I set a file name using a variable in a Visual Studio project template
Indeed, you can also use variables within the item template. For instance... <ProjectItem TargetFileName="$fileinputname$.xml" ReplaceParameters="true" ItemType="Content">Target.xml</ProjectItem> ...whereby fileinputname is the name as specified in the wizard (without extension). The safeprojectname parameter would give you the project name (not sure, if this can onl

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How can I access to a file in a local directory project in visual studio
this is the code i use: Func> ObtainCreatureList = ObtainCreatureListFromArray; string[] creatureNameArray = fileManager.ReadFromFile(creatureFile); IList<Creature> creatureList = ObtainCreatureList(creatureNameArray); var villianList = from creature in creatureList where creature.Name.Contains(villianIdentifier)

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UI appearance different running through visual studio vs installed application
I'm betting you have something in the first part of your XAML that says says like d:DesignHeight. This is only used when your're editing it in XAML, not during runtime. You could just get rid of any DesignHeight / Width in your XAML and it should then look the same. Try deleting anything like this: mc:Ignorable="d" d:DesignHeight="200" d:DesignWidth="360"

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Microsoft Visual Studio Form Application - mysql error
May you try to change your code like this: CODE try { dt = new DataTable(); using (MySqlConnection conn = new MySqlConnection("datasource=localhost;port=3306;username=root;password=password")) { conn.Open(); using (MySqlCommand cmd = new MySqlCommand()) { cmd.Connection = conn;

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