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Using Polymorphism with incompatible signatures

Your person objects are instances of Types which just happen to inherit from some the same type. As an instance of Person1, the P1 object is not going to have any knowledge of methods contained in Person2 because it is a different Type.

I am not quite sure what you are after, but here is one way to construct it:

Public MustInherit Class Person
    Public Property Name As String

    Public Sub New(n As String)
        Name = n
    End Sub

    ' "I dont care HOW they do it, but child types

    '    must provide a Greeting() function"
    MustOverride Function Greeting() As String

    ' overload: takes an arg/different sig
    Public Overridable Function
Greeting(strGreeting As String) As String
        Return String.Format("Greetings, {0} {1}",
strGreeting, Name)
    End Function

End Class

Public Class Person1
    Inherits Person

    Public Sub New(n As String)
    End Sub

    ' override with a specific form of address
    Public Overrides Function Greeting() As String
        Return "Hello, Mr " & Name
    End Function

End Class

Public Class Person2
    Inherits Person

    Public Sub New(n As String)
    End Sub

    Public Overrides Function Greeting() As String
        Return "Hello, Senorita " & Name
    End Function

End Class


Dim Pa1 As New Person1("Ziggy")
Dim Pa2 As New Person2("Zoey")

Console.WriteLine(Pa2.Greeting("Ms"))   ' uses
base class overload


Hello, Mr Ziggy                ' from
Greetings, Ms Zoey             ' from base class
Hello, Senorita Zoey           ' from P2 

The base class more commonly might define a default Greeting for all the inherited types, then some base classes might override it and others not depending on the class needed.

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