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Don´t preload images in XML (google maps API v3)

You don't have to care about these images.

Before you click the markers it's simply a string, no images will be loaded.

Only when you click on the marker this string will be used to create a <img/>-node inside the infoWindow(what will force the download)

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How can i add a preload function for my images?
Hope this might help you . Try this @charset "utf-8"; /* Preloader */ #preloader { position:absolute; top:0; left:0; right:0; bottom:0; background-color:#fff; /* change if the mask should have another color then white */ z-index:99; /* makes sure it stays on top */ } #status { width:200px; height:200px; position:absolute; left:50%; /* centers the loading animation horizontally one

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Google maps custom tiles set up and non-displaying of images
First, I don't think you can change the tile size to 190*190. 256*256 is the grid on Google's basic map canvas. Secondly, your image will pan in respect to your zoom levels. Pay attention to this comment: // tile range in one direction range is dependent on zoom level // 0 = 1 tile, 1 = 2 tiles, 2 = 4 tiles, 3 = 8 tiles, etc You mentioned you want to take care of zoom levels later on bu

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ajax infinate scroll to preload content
First I should say what is infinite scroll: Traditionally, the user would have to click on next page or previous page to visit older post content. However, recently there is a new trend started by popular sites (such as facebook and twitter) in which they automatically load the next page content once the user hits the bottom of the post. This technique has proven to show an increase in

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Requesting images from Google Cloud makes page extremely slow
As suggested by Marco & Paul I solved this issue by creating a table in Google Cloud SQL where I could store the url returned from Google Cloud Storage so that I didn't have to repeatedly request the url. Code Example // Cloud Storage URL function function cloudStorageUrl($url, $size, $crop) { if (file_exists($url)) { $object_image_url = CloudStorageTools::getImageServingUrl($obj

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How to use in Django photologue to extract GPSInfo from images and display it in google map
Django-photologue's documentation has some examples showing how you can override the admin, views, urls and models. If you try these examples, they can give you some ideas for creating your own customisations. I am not sure how to best use, as I have never used it myself!

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