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Reading and writing from a csv file

This will read the contents into a collection and you can get the number of records from the collection.

    Sub Main()

    Dim FileName As String
    Dim NumberOfRecords As Integer
    FileName = "N:2_7_towns(2).csv"

    'read the lines into an array
    Dim lines As String() =

    'read the array into a collection of town
    'this could also be done i a loop if you need
    'parsing or error handling
    Dim TownList = From line In lines _
        Let data = line.Split(",") _
            Select New With {.Name = data(0), _
                             .County = data(1), _
                             .Population =
data(2), _
                             .Area = data(3)}

    NumberOfRecords = TownList.Count

End Sub

Writing to the console would be accomplished with something like:

For Each town In TownList
    Console.WriteLine(town.Name + "," +

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