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Heap Sort Space Complexity

The implementation of heapsort that you've described above sure doesn't look like it works in constant space for precisely the reason that you're worried about.

However, that doesn't mean that it's not possible to implement heapsort in O(1) auxiliary space. Typically, an implementation of heapsort would reorder the elements in the array to implicitly store a binary max-heap. One nifty detail about max-heaps is that the way to dequeue from a max-heap is to swap the root node (the first array element) with the rightmost leaf (the last element in the array that's a part of the heap) and to then bubble that element downward. This means that you can repeatedly dequeue from the max-heap by swapping the first array element with the rightmost slot in the array that hasn't been filled in, then bubbling the swapped element into place. That requires only O(1) auxiliary storage space and is the typical way that heapsort is implemented.

If you're curious, I have my own implementation of heapsort on my personal site, which shows off how to do this.

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