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How to reduce the response time of request where response is JSON?

The basic idea is to only query the amount of data that you need. Do you really need all the records (1500 records * 4 models = 6000 records) all the time? Just look at StackOverflow, there are thousands of questions but on one page a user only need to see around 50 questions. Maybe you want to implement pagination for your page.


If loading all the records at start up is a must. You might want to look at browser offline storage. You will load all your data once, store it in browsers and user the offline data instead of querying all the data per request. This is for Firefox. You can easily find something similar for other browsers.

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So I managed to get it to work, but I would love if someone could explain why my solution works. Basically, instead of using JSONObject and passing it to JsonObjectRequest I used a StringRequest and overrode getParams. Was I wrong trying to send a POST request with JsonObjectRequest? This is the entire solution: String url = ""; StringRequest str

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Firefox Does not allow CORS request even when the server returns the appropriate response header
I finally found a solution, which seems to indicate a bug in Firefox. Although not shown in my example code, the server requires HTTP BASIC authentication, which is provided as follows:'GET', href, true, username, password); request.withCrednetials = true; This is in accordance with the MDN specification for XMLHttpRequest. While this works for Chrome, with Firefox it results in

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How to send request on one port and response that request on another port in C# windows application
well the common pattern is one port and behind a pool for processing request (here you can verify the load the server or maximum clients for processing..etc) when request enter the pool will create an new thread for process that request while the main pool can still listening request also exist other thread monitor the threads for timeout or errors so it can kill process for errors or timeout

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HTTP-Redirect binding requires that any ds:Signature element present on the SAML message itself is removed before sending of the message: Any signature on the SAML protocol message, including the XML element itself, MUST be removed. Note that if the content of the message includes another signature, such as a signed SAML assertion, this embedded signature is not removed. However, the le

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How to send 2nd Request to server after getting Response from Server ? Using Volley
private void makeStringReq(String url, int method) { showProgressDialog(); // Instantiate the Request Q RequestQueue q = Volley.newRequestQueue(this); StringRequest strReq = new StringRequest(method, url, new Response.Listener<String>() { @Override public void onResponse(String response) {

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