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complex root finding algorithm

Your function is not a polynomial, because it contains the exponential function. The Newton-Raphson method is often used for numerical root-finding. It is described at length at, with examples.

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Complex Data Type in C Producing Trouble in Algorithm
I do see a problem where it is leaking 'v'. This makes me suspect that you are not following the c style assignment at the upper level. We don't have the upper level code. When is y freed? Does the assignment loop through all the values or are you doing a c++ style assignment? Remember that allocation, assignment, and deallocation do not come for free in c, except for the types built in to

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Complex dynamic_cast in c++
Yes it will work. dynamic_cast is based on RTTI. The information provided by RTTI here is enough to determine the actual dynamic type of the pointed to object. By definition, RTTI is a run time notion, as is the dynamic type of the pointed to object (the fact that Foo's definition is not available in a compilation unit where said cast is written is a compile time notion, with no relevance here).

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complex sql join between 2 tables

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How can i access php complex array
$array['response']['result']['success'][0]['id']; this should get to it Additional details from iWontStop: How it works This is called a multi-dimensional array. They're found in many languages (most useful ones I'd say). To access an item within the Array, for php it uses []. You can then place a string, number or variable containing one of the two within the [] like so: $variable['key'

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How to query XML with complex types
I need to return the id from the element for all nodes that have a "Y" in the elements Item3 through Item3B. The right answer depends on the exact "rules" for selecting nodes. It's not clear whether you are always looking for Item3 through Item3B or if they are just examples of the rule. I also assume that by "nodes have a 'Y' in the elements" you mean they have an attribute value wich equals

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complex root finding algorithm
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