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C# File.ReadAllLines and StreamReader.ReadLine Splitting some lines

I guarantee that File.ReadAllLines() and StreamReader.ReadLine() are both behaving exactly as documented, with no hidden traps for you to stumble into.

Do note that neither distinguish between different line-break modes. In a single file, they will happily break a line on , , and . Note that this means a file which nominally uses the Windows standards of , but which has extra and/or characters in it will be interpreted as having extra line breaks. Note also that while is treated as a single line break, is treated as two line-breaks.

The way to diagnose exactly what's going on is to look at the file as binary. First, check your output to see where it's breaking the lines, and in particular the first place you find where it breaks a line where you believe it should not have.

Then, open the file in Visual Studio, but instead of just opening it, select the "Open With..." option (click the black triangle on the "Open" button), and choose "Binary Editor". Look through the file to find the text where the first unwanted line break occurred and check the hex values in the file at that location. You will find some combination of , , or there ( is the hex value 0D and is 0A).

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