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Linking libraries for Magick++

So, even though the library still does not work for me, I've overcome this particular problem. It took me another hour.

The solution was to:

  1. Download the source archive here.
  2. Run the VisualMagickconfigureconfigure.exe1 ImageMagick configure tool for windows
  3. There should be now a Visual Studio file in VisualMagickVisualDynamicMT.sln Visual magick sln file
  4. Open it. You'll probably need to convert the solution to your visual studio version. Once this is done (it's automatical), clean and build the All project: Building the Magick++ libraries
  5. By this time the libraries and DLLs should be built. You're interested in VisualMagicklib*. In the installation folder of imagick, backup all present libraries and then copy (and overwrite) all newly compiled ones.

1 All paths are relative to archive root

The project now compiles but does not run.

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