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updating a model in one controller that is watched and located in a different package and used by another controller

I recommend that you wrap the model in a service. Use one of the various providers offered by Angular.

You can then dependency inject the service anywhere you like in your application.

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Updating Data In Model Not Binds To Controller
So that was pretty simple, but I've spent hours trying to solve it... It's not AngularJs issue rather than JavaScript closure issue, The following solved my problem, app.service('CountriesModel', ['$http', function($http) { $http.get(baseUrl + 'api/countries').success(function(data) { this.countries = data; }.bind(this)); }]);

Categories : Javascript
Angular File Upload directive not updating controller model
I ran into the same problem when trying to access a directive's variable from the controller. In my case I could make myFile available to the controller, but I had to assign it to scope.$parent.$parent.myFile from within the directive. I didn't want to hard code in a depth of ancestry in order to access the variable, so I ended up using a service to share the variable between directive and control

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Model View Controller (MVC) info
Depends what you mean by calling. But yes, View doesn't know anything about the controllers. It sends HttpRequests, and than the mechanism doing what you describe kicks in. There's the famous schema from spring docs, basically your bullets described via diagram. The point with respect to your question is that the view doesn't call the controller rather sends the request

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laravel using model without controller, "best practice"?
There is no direct relation between a controller and a model, and you should never create controllers to 'match' your models. A controller is used to represent routes/pathways through your application. A model is used to hold persistent data within your database. Sometimes, when creating a CRUD application, there is a common amount of controllers and models (i.e. Posts, Comments, Users etc). Bu

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how post date.time value to model controller in mvc
You may use @Html.EditorFor(a=>a.registerDate). You may also consider adding attributes to the field [DataType(DataType.Date)] [DisplayFormat(DataFormatString = "{0:yyyy-MM-dd}", ApplyFormatInEditMode = true)] public System.DateTime registerDate { get; set; } If you want that to be hidden use @Html.HiddenFor(a=>a.registerDate) But if you have to use @Html.HiddenFor I recommend not usin

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