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Perl - Parse text file with tags for data dump into new text file

Please check this one: use strict; use warnings; use Cwd;

#Get Directory
my $dir = getcwd();

#Grep files from the directory
opendir(DIR, $dir) || die "Couldn't open/read the
$dir: $!";
my @AllFiles = grep(/.txt$/i, readdir(DIR));

#Check files are available 
if(scalar(@AllFiles) ne '')
    #Create Text Files as per Requirement
    open(PAP, ">$dir/Papers.txt") || die
"Couldn't able to create the file: $!";
    open(BOOK, ">$dir/Book.txt") || die
"Couldn't able to create the file: $!";
    open(EDT, ">$dir/Editors.txt") || die
"Couldn't able to create the file: $!";
    open(AUT, ">$dir/Authors.txt") || die
"Couldn't able to create the file: $!";
else {  die "File Not found...$dir
"; } #Die if not found files
foreach my $input (@AllFiles)
    print "Processing file $input
    open(IN, "$dir/$input") || die "Couldn't able
to open the file: $!";
    local $/; $_=<IN>; my $tmp=$_;
    #Loop from <PaperTitle> to // end slash
        my $LoopCnt = $1;
        my ($pptle) =
        my ($abstr) =
        my ($pgrng) =
        my ($bktle) =
        my ($edtns) =
        my ($publr) =
        my ($years) =

        my ($EditorNames, $AuthorNames) = "";
        my $edtList = $1; my @Edlines = split/
/, $edtList;
        my $i ='1'; #Editor Count to check
        foreach my $EdsngLine(@Edlines)
            {  $EditorNames .= $i."".$1."	"; $i++;
            {  $EditorNames .= $1."	"; }
            {  $EditorNames .= $1."	"; }
        my $autList = $1; my @Autlines = split/
/, $autList;
        my $j ='1'; #Author Count to check
        foreach my $AutsngLine(@Autlines)
            {  $AuthorNames .= $j."".$1."	"; $j++;
            {  $AuthorNames .= $1."	"; }
            {  $AuthorNames .= $1."	"; }

        #Print the output in the crossponding text
        print PAP "$pptle	$abstr	$pgrng	//
        print BOOK
"$pptle	$bktle	$edtns	$publr	$years	//
        print EDT "$pptle	$EditorNames//
        print AUT "$pptle	$AuthorNames//

print "Process Completed...

#Don't forget to close the files

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