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How to query XML with complex types

I need to return the id from the element for all nodes that have a "Y" in the elements Item3 through Item3B.

The right answer depends on the exact "rules" for selecting nodes. It's not clear whether you are always looking for Item3 through Item3B or if they are just examples of the rule. I also assume that by "nodes have a 'Y' in the elements" you mean they have an attribute value wich equals "Y".

If you are interested in exactly three element nodes with exactly the names "Item3", "Item3A" and "Item3B", and if the "Y" value can be on any attribute, use

//*[self::Item3 or self::Item3A or
self::Item3B][@* = 'Y']

Else, if the rule only says that element names must start with "Item3", use

//*[starts-with(name(),'Item3')][@* =

If there are namespaces in your input XML document, it would be safer to use the local-name() function instead of name().

It seems you are also trying to match attributes that start with a certain string:

= 'Y']

As you can see,

You can't include a wildcard in an XPath query like /Item3*[Q3*="Y"].

is not really true - there are "wildcards" (you don't usually call them wildcards), but you need the right syntax.

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