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VBA PasteSpecial operation fails?

Since you are using Cut, try Insert instead of PasteSpecial. This is synonymous with "Insert Cut Cells" which you see when you are using the Excel interface:


Also - make sure the cell you are pasting/inserting to is not in the range which is being cut.

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Is it possible to know the progress of a put operation of ydn-db?
It is not and not likely to implement that feature. If number of records is too large, it is recommended to use smaller by batch size. See this sample code for populating large CSV file to ydn-db. You can see example implementation of progress bar in full text search app during loading data. This loading happen only for the first time of visiting the page.

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Operation AsyncTask
AsyncTask works in background. First onPreExecute is called then doInBackground and then after completing the background task, onPreExecute is called. just keep checking isCancelled() in the doInBackground. protected Object doInBackground(Object... x) { while (/* condition */) { // work... if (isCancelled()) break; } return null; }

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Lookup operation gives no result
When you have found the match, then you have to move on to the next cell in column 20. Right now you're not doing that; so regardless of whether a match is found, the search continues and the cell eventually gets overwritten by ws.Cells(i, 20) = "". To stop the search when you've found a match, use Exit For. If ws.Cells(i, 18) = ws2.Cells(r, 17) Then ws.Cells(i, 20) = ws2.Cells(r, 19

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For a @GET operation which one to use @QueryParam or @FormParam
The @FormParam annotation will expect the parameter to be in the body of the request as sent by an HTML form submit. An HTTP GET should not use a request body. So, keep using @QueryParam for @GET. See also: HTTP GET with request body

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Here is a map-reduce approach to solve it (in high level pseudo code): map(source): for each line x|y|z: emitIntermediate(x,(1,y|z)) map(target): for each line x|y|z: emitIntermediate(x,(2,y|z)) //make sure each list is sorted/ sort it yourself 1 is before 2 if both exists. reduce(x, list): if list.size() == 1: (idx,y|z) <- list.first() //this is the configuration of

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