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How with perl and Net::OpenSSH can I detect if the remote side only handles protocol 1?

Capture the master stderr stream and check it afterwards.

See here how to do it.

Another approach you can use is just to open a socket to the remote SSH server. The first thing it sends back is its version string. For instance:

$ nc localhost 22
SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_6.6.1p1 Ubuntu-8

From that information you should be able to infer if the server supports SSH v2 or not.

Finally, if you also need to talk to SSH v1 servers, the development version of my other module Net::SSH::Any is able to do it using the OS native SSH client, though it establishes a new SSH connection for every command.

use Net::SSH::Any;

my $ssh =
                             user        =>
                             password    =>
                             timeout     =>
                             backends    =>
strict_host_key_checking => 0);

Update: In response to Bill comment below on the issue of sending multiple commands over the same session:

The problem of sending commands over the same session is that you have to talk to the remote shell and there isn't a way to do that reliably in a generic fashion as every shell do things differently, and specially for network equipment shells that are quite automation-unfriendly.

Anyway, there are several modules on CPAN trying to do that, implementing a handler for every kind of shell (or OS). For instance, check Oliver Gorwits's modules Net::CLI::Interact, Net::Appliance::Session and Net::Appliance::Phrasebook. The phrasebook approach seems quite suitable.

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