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Run time of reversing the words in a string

In your algorithm:

  • split has linear complexity in the length of the input string

  • Assuming that by

    string wordsReversed;

    you actually meant

    string wordsReversed = "";

    and that by

    wordsReversed.join(" ", reversedWord);

    you actually meant

    wordsReversed += " " + reversedWord;

    then the body of the outer foreach loop has linear complexity in the length of word since both the inner foreach loop and the concatenation of reversedWord with wordsReversed have linear complexity in the length of word.

  • Finally, the sum of the lengths of all the words in words is the length of the initial input string

Therefore your total complexity is O(n), as it should be.

Also, "a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p" is not a worst case scenario for this algorithm, for the reasons mentioned above, although the algorithm would indeed be somewhat inefficient in that case.

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Except the comment, to use a more efficient data structure (StringBuilder) to create the string, I don't think there is much you can do. The time complexity to reverse an array is n/2 (How do I reverse an int array in Java?) but afterwards you would still need to concatenate all of the items, which should be n - since you're concatenating them right away you get down from 3n/2 to only n.

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