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how can i ssh into a server, and read a pid file and bring back the #?

Easiest way is with backticks.

 my $output = `ssh server -l myid -i
/home/myid/.ssh/authorized_keys some_command`;

$output will contain the output of your ssh command.

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Bring a UIView to the front for `UICollectionViewController`
You want to move the "View" aka "Progress View" outside of the collection view and below the photo browser in that hierarchy, which would cause it to be the front-most element in the view. The lower something is, the more forward it is. You can then also use autolayout ("Editor" -> "Align/Pin/Arrange/etc") to reposition or center your progress view.

Categories : IOS
How can I bring a Button in a custom control "to the front"?
The reason the button does not react is because you have taken away most of what you would expect a button to have, your button template is just the ContentPresenter, so the button is literally only the textblock. Try <ControlTemplate TargetType="Button"> <Border Background="Transparent"> <ContentPresenter/> </Border>

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JSplitPane hide the right section and bring it back
You can use the getRightComponent() method of the JSplitPane and then call the setVisible(false) to hide it. To show it again, call the setVisible(true) and set the divider location using the setDividerLocation(...) method. An Example import java.awt.BorderLayout; import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; import java.awt.event.ActionListener; import javax.swing.JButton; import javax.swing.JFrame; imp

Categories : Java
How can I bring GDELT Google big query results to C#?
Not trying to steal the answer from "shollyman", I just want it to be in an answer and not an actual comment, so here goes : You can use the API library for dotnet here. This will let you do calls from C# directly into your app to the BigQuery API to get your response, which you can then read and use in your C#.

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BookshelfJs failing to bring in nested relationship on create
I'm not completely clear what you are trying to achieve, but here is how I would generally set things up. First I'd create a base model (assuming its saved as base.js), I think you are going to have some problems with circular dependencies, so using the Bookshelf registry plugin would be good: var config = { client: // whatever client you are using, connection: // url to your database }; var

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