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Using xquery to select a node's inner xml as a string when it contains an html image tag

XQuery treats XML as a tree of nodes. If you want to convert the tree of nodes to lexical XML markup, that operation is called 'serialization'. XQuery 3.0 provides a function fn:serialize() to convert nodes into lexical XML, but there's no equivalent in XQuery 1.0, except that some XQuery implementations may have an extension to do the job.

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When you define your XQUERY, I think that root element 'x' have no namespace. However, I can see above that you have associated it with namespace "" : remove it and try again

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XQuery is case sensitive, "Countdown" and "countdown" are not the same. Furthermore, contains($string, $needle) expects a single string, and not a sequence. Luckily, XQuery implicitly casts any element including its subtree to a string by concatenating all text nodes. for $movie in collection('data2.dbxml')//movie where contains(lower-case($movie), 'countdown') return $movie

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I am not sure about powershell but if you prefer using python below is the way of doing it. import re data = open('file').read() item = re.findall('.*totaldisksize="([d,]+)">', data) print(item[0]) Output 49,99

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In your create method, you should be able to quickly turn the :country param to an integer like so: @user ={ |u| u[:country] = u[:country].to_i })

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There are several ways to handle this. One option is to use dynamic sql and inject your phone number string into a variable containing the statement and then executing that like this: DECLARE @PhoneNumber VARCHAR(3000) SET @PhoneNumber = '6725556666,2124444444' DECLARE @SQL NVARCHAR(max) SET @SQL = N' SELECT Provider, PhoneNumber, ChangeType, ChangeDate FROM dbo.PhoneLog WHERE Phone

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