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linkedin api strange empty response

Some groups in LinkedIn can be marked "members-only", which would require you to authenticate as a particular member that has access to the group you are trying to read before being able to see the contents of the group.

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strange {"OK":{}} response on ElasticSearch curl -X GET 'http://localhost:9200'
Elasticsearch 1.3.2 alone is not capable of producing such response - there is simply no "OK" string in the production source code. So, I would guess somebody installed a plugin on this node that intercepts some calls and replaces them with this message. One of the plugins that does that is elasticsearch-http-basic plugin, which indeed displays {"OK":{}} to unauthorized users instead of a full r

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XMLHttpRequest: empty response
The true in'GET', "", true); means that the request is asynchronous. That means you need to wait for the request to finish. var zzz = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', "", true); zzz.onload = function(){ console.log(zzz.response); if (zzz.status === 200){ // Probably good to make the you got a success code. } };

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angular js empty error response
Is highly probable that your ploblem is by opening the index.html from your explorer because the request will not come from localhost and by that the localhost server will block the request against cross origin request in chrome console youll probably see a message saying XMLHttpRequest cannot load 'http://localhost:7777'. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested re

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Checking if an Angular resource response is empty
To unwrap the return value you can access the promise directly: Auth.identify() .$promise .then(function(data) { if (!_.isEmpty(data)) { // ... } });

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LinkedIn send message to a connection
You are going to want to make this call as a POST call. You can only send a message on behalf of a member whose access token you have with the "w_messages" member permission. A sample request of the POST should be: POST*** <?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?> <mailbox-item> <recipients> <recipi

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