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ajax validating input makes input unwritable or hardly writable

It becouse of this line async: false, It changes request to be synchronous, and browser will be frozen till response will come. To fix it, just remove this line. Then you need to return result from AJAX success function (not after it) but then your code will need to be deeply modified because if request will be asynchronous then your function will return before response will come.

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There's a strong inconsistency in your logic . you're prompting a number , and with what do you want to compare it with ? This statement will be true as long as it's within the integer range while(num <= 0) if(!sc.hasNextInt()) System.out.print("INVALID INPUT, Try again..."); it will be better if you can review what you want to achieve by either prompting one number and

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What have you tried? Validation only has 5 properties and one of them is HasError Validation.HasError

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Laravel: Querying based on Input. If input is empty, get all
You can build the query on forehand, store it in a variable and use it once its build. $query = isset($var) ? $var : ''; $query .= isset($othervar) ? $othervar : ''; whereBetween(*)->orderBy(*)->whereRaw($query) Only thing you need to keep in mind is to insert the 'OR's in the right place . So have like a check for wether it is the first thing to be inserted or not, if not then put 'OR'

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php regexp: Find form with hidden input & add another input
You could do something like this; <?php $html = file_get_contents('form.html'); if (preg_match('/<.+? name="other" .+?>/', $html, $match)) { $element = $match[0]; $element .= '<input type="hidden" name="appended" value="etry">'; $html = str_replace($match[0], $element, $html); } echo $html; In this example it will look for a element that starts with '<' and cont

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These patterns aren't necessarily simple, but here's what I think works best in every situation. Keep in mind that (quite recently) Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) are available too. With that, an un-testable amount of characters are allowed in URLs (there still exist lots of characters that aren't allowed in domain names, but the list of allowed characters is so big, and will change so ofte

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