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Finding a "complete" convex hull in less than O(n^2)

Here's an O(log h)-time algorithm that, given a convex hull with h vertices in sorted order and a query point, tests whether the query point lies on the hull. From the hull, compute a point in the interior by averaging three of its vertices. Call this point the origin. Partition the plane into wedges bounded by rays from the origin through hull vertices. Use binary search with an orientation test to determine which wedge the query point belongs to. Test whether it lies on that wedge's hull segment.

If you've already implemented the Graham scan, then it is possible to retain collinear points just by changing the test, but you need to determine angles relative to an origin point that is not collinear with two other hull points. Such a point can be obtained by taking the mean of three input points that are not collinear.

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To execute code after the each loop is over : var count = $("element").length; $("element").each(function (i) { // loop if (i+1 === count) { // this will be executed at the end of the loop } });

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First, you can make a local clone of your current repo, including only your branch: git clone -b mybranch --single-branch /path/to/your/local/repo.git Then you can make a bundle of that repo, in order to easily save it (a bundle is a Git repo, compressed into one file). If you have the possibility to make a bare empty repo somewhere accessible (even through a simple shared folder), you could s

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In Excel, typing ActiveSheet is invoking a property of the default object, Excel.Application . If you are working in Access (based on your tags), the default object is Access.Application, which doesn't have an ActiveSheet property. Instead, Access, will see ActiveSheet as an undimensioned variant variable. To get the Intellisense that you seek, you must: Have a reference to the Excel library De

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Get complete URL in Delphi TWebmodule
Sorry, immediately after asking this question I found the required information right before my very eyes, it's I now can easily create the redirection: redirecturl:='https://'+request.Host+':'+intToStr(port)+'/settings'; I feed that back into a tag in a pageproducer with the following code <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; url=<#redirecturl&g

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