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find values in a range of 2 values

I think you're tackling this backwards. Parsing table2 first into a hash makes the problem a lot easier. Because then you can iterate table1 and check for any values in the range in question.

use strict;
use warnings;
use Data::Dumper;

my %table2;

while (<DATA>) {
    #stop reading if we've finished with table2
    last if m/^table1/;

    next unless m/^rs/;
    my ( $col1, $col2 ) = split(/s+/);
    $table2{$col1} = $col2;

print Dumper \%table2;

while (<DATA>) {

    next unless m/^id/;
    my ( $rowid, $col2, $lower, $upper ) =
    my $newcol = "";
    foreach my $rs ( keys %table2 ) {
        if (    $table2{$rs} >= $lower
            and $table2{$rs} <= $upper )
            $newcol .= " $rs:$table2{$rs}";
    print join( "	", $rowid, $col2, $lower,
$upper, $newcol, ), "

col1    col2
rs1     5   
rs2     11
rs3     34
rs4     35

col1    col2    col3    col4
id1     ...     1       10
id2     ...     15      20
id3     ...     30      35


$VAR1 = {
          'rs1' => '5',
          'rs2' => '11',
          'rs4' => '35',
          'rs3' => '34'
id1 ... 1 10   rs1:5
id2 ... 15  20  
id3 ... 30  35   rs4:35 rs3:34

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