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How to initialize a struct containing an array in Rust?

Rust does not implement Default for all arrays because it does not have non-type polymorphism, as such Default is only implementable for a handful of sizes.

You can, however, implement a default for your type:

impl Default for Histogram {
    fn default() -> Histogram {
        Histogram {
            sum: 0,
            bins: [0u32, ..256],

Note: I would contend that implement Default for u32 is fishy to start with, why 0 and not 1? or 42? There is no good answer, so no obvious default really.

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Initialize a 2d array inside a struct
Create a temporary struct and assign it to your element of the array of structs: struct block temp = { { {0, 1, 0}, {0, 1, 0}, {0, 1, 0} } } ; blockArray[0] = temp ; or just use your array and copy it: int temp[3][3] = { {0, 1, 0}, {0, 1, 0}, {0, 1, 0} } ; assert( sizeof( temp ) == sizeof( blockArray[0].theblock ) ) ; memcpy( blockArray[0].theblock , temp , sizeof( temp ) ) ;

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How to initialize a boolean array in javascript
You were getting an error with that code that debugging would have caught. int isn't a JS keyword. Use var and your code works perfectly. var anyBoxesChecked = []; var numeroPerguntas = 5; for (var i = 0; i < numeroPerguntas; i++) { anyBoxesChecked.push(false); } DEMO

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How to initialize an array of custom data type with more than 1 member variables?
Assuming there's such constructor Student(String, int), then you can try this: Student[] studentArray = { new Student("Sam", 21), new Student("Jules",3) };

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How to elegantly search an array of struct in C#, porting from C++?
1) Use auto properties, and use a class for SPeriodInfo (class and struct have very different semantics in C#) class SPeriodInfo { public string strItem { get; private set; } public int nItemData { get; private set; } public float fPeriod { get; private set; } public SPeriodInfo(string item, int itemData, float period) { strItem = item; nItemData

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ARM assembly : Access array elements residing in C type struct
A pointer is not the same thing as an array. f1 and f2 are 4 byte pointers in the struct. f3 is a 16-byte array in the struct. The struct as a whole is 24 bytes long. What you are loading into r10 is the first element of f3. If you want to set r10 to &f3[0], then just set r10 to r0 + P_STRUCT_F3.

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