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Unexpected characters in console output

According to C++ Reference, you are right.

As pointed out in the comments, for the string implementation you use, the arguments are switched.

For the second example, you print the sign (111-1)/2 = 55 = '7' for ' ' = 32 times. Swap the arguments to

string(' ',(111 - s.length()) / 2)

and it should work better.

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main doesn't accept the input from the command line as direct arguments, you are getting the argument count in there which is 1 if there are no arguments, and 2 if there is one argument, which causes the strange behavior. main should be defined as int main( int argc, char *argv[] ) or something similar. To get the input, you need to first check if it exists by testing argc (the argument count, pl

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It sounds like you want a UI library for the console. You're in luck. This sort of thing has been around for a while. You essentially have two choices: - A simple graphics library for terminals that lets you do stuff like what you're describing above. - node bindings for ncurses (this is a standard terminal graphics library)

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