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how to make vagrant use bash and resolve `[[: not found`?

If the script only contains trivial bashisms, you can simply rewrite it to sh-compatible, and change the shebang to #!/bin/sh.


if [[ -z $NODE_VERSION ]]; then


if [ -z "$NODE_VERSION" ]; then

(The double quotes should properly be used in the Bash version too.)

However, recognizing and fixing Bashisms in a large script is potentially a nontrivial endeavour.

If the script is specifically bash-only, you can create a wrapper for it, like

exec env bash /path/to/real/script

which solves the problem at the cost of an ugly extra layer of wrapping. (The env is not strictly necessary here if you only used it to avoid having to put in the full path to bash, but there are probably situations where it has other useful effects, too.)

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