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JOptionPane.showMessageDialog doesn't show up after reading an InputStream. [Java]

You have to close the stream once you finish. It is working. When fos.close() is executed it notifies the EDT and message is shown. In case of System.out.print, it is not in the EDT so it printed once write operation is completed.

while(( != -1)

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What I was doing wrong is trying to call the JOptionPane.showInputDialog in the main instead of just simply doing it in the array_input method. I fixed the code by replacing JOptionPane.showInputDialog(null, array_input(array1,array2,array3)); with array_input(array1,array2,array3); I then replaced the method from.. for (int i=0; i<a.length; i++) { q += "Array 1

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That is because of the OSGi framework being used. OSGi is a standard for modular systems where a module ("bundle" consisting of some (versioned) jars) maybe loaded in isolation with dependencies to other modules. It has a life-time management and separation of modules - realized with specific class loaders. This is a much more strict modular system that what java offers, with visibility and versi

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Plenty of errors in the main method. What you should do to fix: JOptionPane returns String so you should enter your numbers so that it can be converted to numbers, with some sort of delimiter Split and convert to numbers Assemble and int array and call the method Something like public static void main(String[] args) { // Request for user to enter 10 numbers int[] numbers = new int[10

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You might be missing NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription on your info.plist file and it is required iOS 8 onwards, you can optionally leave its value empty. In the past, one could optionally include a 'NSLocationUsageDescription' key , a string explaining to the user for what the app planning to use location services. And now it has been split up into two separate keys (NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDes

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Listen to paste event, get clipboard data Why isn't the text available on paste? Q: After pasting text into the editor, the content is visible in the editor, but not available via the .getContent() method. Why? A: I don't know why, but apparently pasting via context menu doesn't trigger a change event in TinyMCE. From my observation, the text in the editor gets cached by TinyMCE and only update

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