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Attempt to embed Perl in C on Windows

It will not work if you are in a different path than your script and c files. Remove the absolute paths K:ScriptsEmbedHello_3

The "lib folder containing all dependencies" in the project folder is empty since there are no modules in the "". Is this a correct assumption?

If does not use any libs, yes.

int main(int argc, char **argv, char
  argv[1] = "-Ilib";
  argv[2] = "";

This will only work if argc is 2, i.e. you provided 2 args to your hello.exe. You rather need to check argc and extend argv if < 2, and set argc to 2 if < 2.

Step into the executable with gdb and see what's going wrong. Compile with -g then.

In the long term, the established solution is to use PAR::Dist, or one of the commercial packers. Using the real compiler perlcc on Windows is a bit tricky.

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