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Grails params.controller bug

Rather than using params.controller you could use the controllerName variable. This should always be set to the name of the current controller, but will be empty for direct GSP requests because there is no controller involved

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Send form params to controller without a model in Rails
Use form_tag with your path. I have used /user_email/send_email. change it according to the route your have setup in routes.rb <%= form_tag('/user_email/send_email') do %> <%= text_field_tag(:subject, class: 'form-control')%> <%= submit_tag "Submit"%> <% end %>

Categories : Ruby On Rails
Grails controller actions per environment
Is it possible to have certain controller actions only exist under certain environments? No. You are probably looking for other mechanisms to restrict access to a controller action such as filters or controller interceptors. These mechanisms can be used to render/trigger a 404 or other error response.

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Grails : Update table in GSP with data from Controller
Currently you are mixing 2 distinct methods to generate your table rows; you should choose either of this 2 ways: 1) Allow GSP to generate your table This will require the same page to be reloaded with additional parameters. sortedListUser will be empty on first load (w/o param) but will contain rows information when userID is entered and button clicked (with param). You do not need Javascript fo

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How to Create Controller and Views with diffrent name Grails scaffolding
Install the templates on the project with grails install-templates and change the name on src/templates/scaffolding/Controller.groovy: Example: class Admin${className}Controller { and the package name you can control on the create-scaffold-controller: From the docs: grails create-scaffold-controller org.bookstore.Book or change directly in the template with variables: <%=package org.admi

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How to get the latest changes in custom Grails plugin from artifactory without deleting the plugin from .grails folder?
Best practice to manage plugins is to change the plugin version whenever you modify the plugin code. For example, your current version is 0.1 and when you change something in domain or somewhere else then change the version to 0.2 or something else in your plugin descriptor file and then release the plugin. Now use that new version 0.2 in your BuildConfig.groovy as compile ":mycustomplugin:0.1".

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