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How to get files names with specific extension from a folder in perl

Yes, there are much more complicated ways, like opendir, readdir and a regex filter. They will also give you the hidden files (or dotfiles):

opendir DIR, $DIR or die $!;
my @filearray = grep { /.(abc|llc)$/ } readdir
closedir DIR;

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Search within certain folder names for a specific text string - Linux 2.6
OK sorted it finally. Love unix but god it doesn't forgive if you don't know its language! find ./ -name foldername -type f -exec grep -H "string, text, here" {} ; >outputfile.txt & foldername - just that, whatever the foldername is that you want. Note, this site looses the ** around the foldername, so put one either side of the foldername for wildcard searching. "string, text, here" - with

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c# how to get files name into a specific folder which have a specific patter
Try this: foreach (string file in Directory.EnumerateFiles(folderPath, "*CustsExport*.xml")) { } Or your can use regex: Regex reg = new Regex(@".*CustsExport.*.xml",RegexOptions.IgnoreCase); var files = Directory.GetFiles(yourPath, "*.xml") .Where(path => reg.IsMatch(path)) .ToList();

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i want to open a specific file extension on my pc with a specific program
First associate a file type to your extension: assoc .abs=ABSFile Then set up an application to open that file type: ftype ABSFile="C:Path To Your AppYourExeName.exe" %1 %* For more information, see the MS TechNet documentation, or type assoc /? or ftype /? from a command prompt.

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how to tar specific directories with specific names ( date month name )
Using gnu find you can do: find /var/tmp/all-results_dir -type f -newermt '2014-07-01' ! -newermt '2014-08-01' -exec tar -rzf /var/TAR/results_2014_Jul.tar.gz {} + -newermt '2014-07-01' ! -newermt '2014-08-01' will find all files modified in the month of July 2014. tar -rzf will append files in the archive. Script #!/bin/bash find . -name 'f*' -newermt "2014-$1-01" ! -newerm

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Makefile compiling C files on Windows8 and files with no file extension/s
It works because the make program is written to look for files named makefile, not files named makefile.txt. Extensions are important on Windows so that Windows can guess what "type" of file it is, so if you tried to open that file Windows could guess at what program should be used to open it. However, this is really a problematic solution. First, just because two files have an extension of "fo

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