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Calculating the distance between 2 given points

Here :

class Point{
     int x;
     int y;


     public double distance(int x, int y) {
        double d = Math.sqrt( Math.pow(x2-x1, 2) +
Math.pow(y2-y1, 2) );  //ERROR IN THIS LINE
        return distance; //ERROR HERE TOO...(2)

There is no x1,x2,y1,y2 defined in the class or in the method parameter.

Swap it with the following line:

double d = Math.sqrt( Math.pow(this.x-x, 2) + Math.pow(this.y-y, 2) );

(2) Error 2 Swap with this line:

return d;

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Calculating the distance between 2 points using getY() and getX()
The problem is you haven't actually created your getter and setter methods (specifically the getter methods). In Java, getter and setter methods aren't automatically created for you; you have to explicitly create them yourself. So, just add the following code: public double getX() { return x; } public void setX(double x) { this.x = x; } public double getY()

Categories : Java
calculating minimum Euclidean distance within a data frame
If I followed your question correctly then it would seem that you want something like this: minxED = min(abs(x(2:end) - x(1:end-1))); which gets the L1 distance between adjacent elements in the vector x and then finds the minimum distance.

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Calculating distance between word/document vectors from a nested dictionary
The first bit is easy enough. You want to build up a dictionary containing file numbers, and the sum of the squares of the values for each file number, something like this (untested) should do it: fileVectors = {} for wordDict in myDict.itervalues(): for fileNumber, wordCount in wordDict.iteritems(): fileVectors[fileNumber] = fileVectors.get(fileNumber, 0) + (wordCount ** 2)

Categories : Python
Calculate Euclidean Distance of pairs over 3 points?
When you transform your data.frame into a matrix, all values become characters, I don't think that is what you want... (moreover, you're trying to compute distance with the "class" names as one of the variables...) The best would be to put your "Class" as row.names and then compute your distances and hclust : mm<-Median[,-1] row.names(mm)<-Median[,1] Then you can compute the euclidean di

Categories : R
Calculate the distance between my current and other points in MySQL using Laravel
It would be easiest way to make query scope for a model where information about locations are stored (or write row query) which would use MySQL stored procedure that calculates the stuff (of using Sphinx search as in your example). Than it is not so hard to create REST API in Laravel that will take point coordinates and use this scope to find and return results of closest POIs.

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