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How can I change the date time formats in Perl?

my $str = 'Fri Nov 21 2014 15:04:32';
my @months
my ($day,$mon,$date,$year,$time) = split('
my %month_hash;
@month_hash{@months} = (1 .. 12);
print "$year-$month_hash{$mon}-$date $time";

try this its crude method but works for your requirements. use date::manip for flexible usage

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You can extract date from date-time (format yyyy-MM-dd%) string in next ways: 1) Using String::split String dateTime = "2014-05-19T23:59:59"; String date = dateTime.split("T")[0]; 2) Using regexp Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("\d{4}-\d{2}-\d{2}"); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(dateTime); if (matcher.find()) { System.out.println(; } Also

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Use the strtotime and date functions. $date1 = date('Y-m-d', strtotime('28-FEB-2014')); $date2 = date('Y-m-d', strtotime('2014-05-28')); var_dump($date1, $date2); string(10) "2014-02-28" string(10) "2014-05-28"

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first of all, try the following: In[54]: b = '2010-10-02T24:00:00+0000' In[55]: pd.to_datetime(b,errors='raise') (... ...) ValueError: hour must be in 0..23 This tells u that the datetime format of variable {b} is wrong. so two choices here. the first one is to correct the str format (modify "24" to "00"), then apply the {pd.to_datetime} func: In[56]: df Out[56]:

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Undefined index means EXACTLY what it says. $item_arr['formats'] is not defined. You should check if it is before using it. This may work depending on your situation. Can you deal with formats being empty? $item_arr['formats'] = (isset($item_arr['formats']))?$item_arr['formats']:"";

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Likely the cells which appear bold really have mixed font formats (there may for example be a space at the end of the text which is not formatted as Bold). You may need to look at the Characters collection and test each one for Bold Sub TestForBold() Dim i As Long Debug.Print "Cell is Bold?", Selection.Font.Bold = True '>>Null if mixed For i = 1 To Selection.Characters.Cou

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