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angular js empty error response

Is highly probable that your ploblem is by opening the index.html from your explorer because the request will not come from localhost and by that the localhost server will block the request against cross origin request in chrome console youll probably see a message saying

XMLHttpRequest cannot load 'http://localhost:7777'. No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. Origin 'your index.html location' is therefore not allowed access.

to avoid that you should make request from http://localhost to http://localhost (same server) or tell your server to accept cross origin requests

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Checking if an Angular resource response is empty
To unwrap the return value you can access the promise directly: Auth.identify() .$promise .then(function(data) { if (!_.isEmpty(data)) { // ... } });

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XMLHttpRequest: empty response
The true in'GET', "", true); means that the request is asynchronous. That means you need to wait for the request to finish. var zzz = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', "", true); zzz.onload = function(){ console.log(zzz.response); if (zzz.status === 200){ // Probably good to make the you got a success code. } };

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Some groups in LinkedIn can be marked "members-only", which would require you to authenticate as a particular member that has access to the group you are trying to read before being able to see the contents of the group.

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Angular Jasmine test response interceptor
You should structure your interceptor definition using the more recent syntax. Your URL construction should also be in a service so that it can easily be mocked in tests. .factory('UnauthorizedInterceptor', function($q, $window, OtherService) { var service = { responseError: handleUnauthorized }; return service; function handleUnauthorized(rejection) { if (rejection.status === 4

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Parsing Json Response from api call - foreach error
The $insta is an object, not an array. You should be referencing as such: foreach($media[data] as $insta){ $source_id = $insta->id; } Objects are referenced as ->. Arrays are referenced as [] One of two options here, you could try referencing it as this first one: foreach($media['data'] as $insta){ $source_id = $insta->id; } Or you could try as an object foreach($media-&

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