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Why doesn't this run forever?

It doesn't run forever because ';;' is an ordinary string, not a preprocessor macro (Perl doesn't have an equivalent of the C preprocessor). As such, for (';;') runs a single time, with $_ set to ';;' that one time.

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why this assembly piece of code do jmp forever
Maybe, you could solve the problem by inserting a push and pop to make sure, cx isn't changed between "do" and "cmp cx, 1": do: dec cx ; push cx output prompt1; inputs number,16; atoi number ; cmp ax, max; jge l1; pop cx cmp cx , 1; jne do ; je exit; Another problem could be the "je exit". Replace it by jmp exit or "jmp short exit". This way, it's save, that the cPU won't continue at

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Laravel sql query continuously running forever
Syntax of where operator is where('column', 'operator', $value) So, you must add the operator in your query (3 additions). EDIT Sorry, I hadn't noticed that can skip the equality operator. Nonetheless, I think you need a Many To Many (belogsToMany-belogsToMany) relationship. It is more easier and more clean.

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Large file CSV transpose takes forever in C#
Try using StringBuilder. Concatenation (+) of long strings is very inefficient. Create a List<string> of lines and then make a single call System.IO.File.WriteAllLines(filename, lines). This will reduce disk IO. If you don't care about the order of the points try changing your outside for loop to System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel.For. This will run multiple threads. Since these run parall

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Parse - uploading data sometimes needs forever and does never finish
"" in a loop is not likely not to be performant. you want to somehow get many threads working on API calls on the parse API that dont block one another. Your current code is probably on a single thread where successive calls to 'save' are blocked waiting for previous calls to complete. See the docs on 'bolt' ( look at the loops there ) and try to get your android SDK code doing paralle

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Nodejs forever, run on boot with --watch not working
I use forever-service and nodemon and then use the chkconfig utility to have it start on reboot. For example: This forever-service command does the following: everytime a json or raml file in the applications dist/assets folder is modified, wait 10 seconds and then restart the node app (server.js script): $ forever-service install raml --script server.js -f " -c nodemon" -o " --delay 10 --watch

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