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Laravel blade multiple select. How to select records in the pivot table?

You are almost there. First make sure you have the correct relationship defined in your project model

public function users(){
    return $this->belongsToMany('User');

Now to get the ids of all assigned users:

$assignedUserIds =

And just pass that to the view...

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Remove the GROUP BY and it will return all of the comments. SELECT,, tc.comment FROM people AS p LEFT JOIN comments AS tc ON (tc.pID = WHERE p.projID = $project_id

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One approach is: Select r.RuleValue from Rules r join Input i on r.RuleValue like '%' + i.RulePart + '%' group by r.RuleValue having count(distinct i.RulePart) = 3 -- or (select count(*) from Input ) UPDATE More elegant way is using NOT EXISTS to represent for ALL select * from Rules r where not exists ( select * from Input i where r.RuleValue n

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You could join the membre table to your original query? This would be done in a similar way to the Inner join you used in your first query. You could either use an inner join again or a left join may be appropriate. Using a second join means you would not need to do two separate queries. For more information about SQL joins, you may find useful. It

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Laravel get data from pivot table
I'm, battling insomnia and not functioning at 100%, but you should be able to get away with $user->operator->id based on what I'm interpreting your models to be (it looks like you had a typo when you copied them into the question). If that doesn't work, you might want to check out the "Dynamic Properties" section in the Eloquent docs for more info, if you haven't already.

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I am guessing that by "duplicate" you mean that the value in [Column 0] only appears once. You can do this with window functions: select t.* from (select t.*, count(*) over (partition by [Column 0]) as cnt from tab1 t ) t where cnt = 1;

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