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Which Command Item is activated on the Command bar

I finally found an answer to my problem, with help from @DJKRAZE. I was making this a little harder than it was and thinking about it way too hard. The code below can be used to return the currently selected tool in ArcMap (In my case I am returning the tooltip of the currently selected tool in my diagnostic window).

public static ICommandItem
         IApplication _myApp = ArcMap.Application;
         string getToolTip =
Tool Tip is: " + getToolTip);
         return _myApp.CurrentTool;

I call this function on a button click. So, When I launch ArcMap, I select a tool from the toolbar. I look into my diagnostic window and I'm able to see the tool tip for the selected tool. I will need to tweak a few things for my own benefit, but this would be the answer I am looking for. Hope this can be of some help to any one else.

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Sounds like python files are associated with an editor instead of with the python interpreter. If so you'll have to change the associations for .py files (found in folder options), or call the python interpreter: C:path opython download_app -A -V

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Perhaps this problem has to do with a recent update of XCode. After a XCode update you need to do the following steps: Open Xcode and accept the license agreement Reinstall the Command Line Tools. The second step seems to depend on your OS versions. If xcode-select --install does not work try to start the Install Command Line Developer Tools app in /System/Library/CoreServices. After reinstal

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SELECT to_char(IlkTarih, 'yyyymmdd') AS EXPR1, SUM(Toplam) AS ToplamDosya, ROUND(SUM(TekilBoyut) / (1024 * 1024 * 1024), 2) AS TekilBoyut, ROUND(SUM(ToplamBoyut)/(1024 * 1024 * 1024), 2) AS ToplamBoyut FROM (SELECT DOSYA, MIN(TARIH) AS IlkTarih, 1 AS Tekil, COUNT(*) AS Toplam, MAX(BOYUT) AS TekilBoyut, SUM(BOYUT) AS ToplamBoyut FROM INETISLE.XFERLOG WHERE DA

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Sounds like your PATH variable is not set to include the location that pip was installed to. On Macs and other *nix like operating systems when you type a command in the command line, what is actually happening is the shell is trying to find the executable file in a predefined area, called the PATH variable. If you are interested check out this question,

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1) That means the mrt is not installed in /usr/bin/env. (One possibility is that it is somewhere inside a directory that is not in PATH.) 2) On Meteorite's git page: As of Meteor 0.9.0, Meteorite is no longer required! You can now install Atmosphere packages directly via the meteor tool.

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